March 15, 2010 Announces New IP Partners

With More Than 27,000 Registered Users, Leading IP Portal Offers a Broad Catalog of IP from More Than 200 Companies

SAN JOSE, California, March 15 - announced today that more than two dozen IP companies recently have joined or upgraded their memberships to the chip planning and IP portal.

New members joining at the Prime Plus partner level include Fujitsu Microelectronics, True Circuits, Inc., Virage Logic and Xilinx. New members joining at the Prime partner level are Alvand Techlologies, Boeing, ChipStart, Discretix, Evatronix, HDL Design House, Imagination Technologies, National Semiconductor, NT Lab and Snowbush IP. Eleven additional companies are being added to the Choice partner level.

"We are extremely pleased to have these leading companies join the IP partner community," said Sean O'Kane, marketing director, Chip Planning Solutions. "They join a comprehensive group of IP vendors who have teamed with and share the common vision of helping the worldwide design community achieve greater profitability and success by exploring the most up-to-date, silicon-proven IP listed on" O'Kane added, " helps bring focus to our IP partner products and services, allowing them greater visibility for their IP offerings. This newly added IP enhances the options SoC design teams can consider when seeking IP for a broad set of applications." was launched in 2005 to provide comprehensive chip planning capabilities to the electronics and semiconductor community. In addition to searching the broad IP catalog and using IP Concierge, designers can download InCyte software at to plan their next chips and explore die size, power, leakage and cost tradeoffs. These IP providers can now be searched for and considered in chip estimations with InCyte though the website.

Prime Plus Partners
Fujitsu Microelectronics manufactures analog and digital ICs and produces microprocessors, memory, networking ICs and custom ASICs.

True Circuits, Inc. develops and markets a broad range of award-winning PLLs, DLLs and other mixed-signal hard macros for ICs for the semiconductor industry.

Virage Logic is the leading provider of semiconductor IP products that include embedded SRAMs and NVMs.

Xilinx offers a robust catalog of IP cores to meet traditional FPGA logic design requirements, as well as domain-specific (DSP, embedded, connectivity).

The chip planning portal is an ecosystem comprising more than 200 of the world's largest IP suppliers and foundries. These companies all share the common vision of helping the worldwide electronics design community achieve greater profitability and success. To date, a diverse global audience of more than 27,000 users has joined the community and has collectively performed more than 100,000 chip estimations. is a property of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic design innovation.

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