True Circuits has established close working relationships with many of the world's leading foundries and IDMs over the years. As the world-wide leader in timing circuit development and licensing, these silicon companies eagerly engage with True Circuits to ensure that our families of high-performance PLL and DLL IP are ported, silicon tested and readily available very early in the life of an advanced process technology to accelerate advanced chip development. The close technical relationships have allowed us to work collaboratively to ensure our circuits are optimally designed, characterized and correlated with foundry silicon. The close business relationships mean that our common customers can get early and easy access to both business and technical information about our timing technologies.


Design Services Partners

True Circuits recognized very early the growing importance of both highly differentiated third-party IP and quality ASIC design services to companies seeking higher levels of chip integration and faster time to market. In 2003, we created an IP partnership program that we extended to a select group of design services companies called the True Partner Program. We currently have about ten of the world's largest and most respected ASIC design services companies who are members of this program. The True Partner Program offers our partners discounts on the quality IP that they license from us in exchange for the expected volume and support leverage across their large customer bases. Over the years, many fabless chip companies and IDMs all over the world have had their chips designed, developed and delivered by ASIC houses with deep experience in specifying, integrating and testing a wide variety of True Circuits timing IP.

Global Unichip
Progate Group Corporation

IP/Distribution Partners

True Circuits licenses its timing IP to a large and very diverse customer base around the world. To most effectively reach these customers and provide them easy and convenient access to business and technical information about our circuit technologies and IP products, we employ a variety of advertising, publishing and distribution strategies. True Circuits is consistently one of the most prominent advertisers in the semiconductor industry's leading publications, websites and IP portals. We also regularly publish articles and papers in leading magazines and technical journals. In addition to our True Partner Program, we also have very effective IP distribution and sales representation partnerships with other IP providers who's product lines require high-performance and highly differentiated timing IP. By establishing these partnerships, True Circuits' customers have a high-degree of flexibility in how they can license individual timing blocks or more integrated blocks such as DDR controllers, Hyper-transport PHYs and other high-speed interfaces.

Amos Technologies
Design Reuse
Northwest Logic
Pinnacle Design Systems


True Circuits has served a large customer base over the years that includes many of the world's leading semiconductor, systems and electronics companies.

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